CAC Development

The following is a checklist that has been developed by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA), which summarizes the tasks that need to be completed in establishing a Children’s Advocacy Center.  While the activities are listed in approximate order, some will need to take place concurrently and there will be variations in each community.

  • Convene a working committee or task force of key individuals
  • Select leadership
  • Conduct a needs assessment of the extent of the problem in the community
  • Develop vision and mission statements
  • Determine CAC service population
  • Gather information on various CAC models
  • Select the CAC approach that best suits the community
  • Develop Interagency agreement and obtain agency commitment
  • Determine organizational structure
  • Determine which services will be offered on-site or through referrals
  • Select site and design or acquire space for child-appropriate facility
  • Determine staffing needs and agency roles
  • Multidisciplinary team protocol development
  • Research potential sources of support
  • Plan and implement resource development
  • Development of governance Board or advisory structure
  • Develop policies and procedures for security and safe-guards
    (internal financial controls, liability insurance, conflict of interest policies, etc.)
  • Volunteer recruitment, screening and training development
  • Training for program staff and community
  • Consider providing child abuse prevention programming
  • Develop program evaluation and accountability plan
  • Cultivate leadership and funding resources on an ongoing basis

If your community is interested in the development of a Children’s Advocacy Center, please contact Tom Knapp, Coordinator of the Michigan Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance at 1-888-936-3349.


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