We are the children's advocacy centers of michigan

The mission of the Michigan Chapter of the National Children's Alliance (MINCA) is to unify and strengthen Michigan's response to child victims of abuse through sustainable growth, collaboration, and empowerment of Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs). MINCA is the coordinating entity between all accredited, associate, and developing Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) across the state.  

Our vision is that all of Michigan's children will have access to a Children's Advocacy Center.

The Michigan Chapter of the National Children's Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and an accredited chapter member of the National Children's Alliance.

how you can help


Support the CAC in your community.

Click here to see a map of Michigan's children's advocacy centers (CACs) and find out more about the CAC that serves children in your community. You can support your local CAC by donating, volunteering, hosting prevention events, and more!

Support statewide efforts to empower CACs.



Develop a CAC in an unserved area.

Click here to see a map of communities in Michigan without a children's advocacy center (CAC) and to learn more about what it takes to develop a CAC in your community.

Join the development team in your community.

Is there already a team developing a CAC in your community? You can offer support in a number of ways. Click here to contact MINCA about being connected with a development team.


Learn the facts about child sexual abuse.

Click here to learn about the widespread and far reaching effects of sexual abuse and what you can do to prevent it.

Learn how the CAC model works.

Click here to learn more about how children's advocacy centers (CACs) in and multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) in Michigan are working towards a coordinated community response to incidents of child abuse. 

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